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Featured as one of "Twelve major players in design" in the March 2012 House Beautiful Magazine!

Ellen Kennon has been creating environments often described as magical and healing. An interior designer with over three decades of experience which includes working for "designer's designer" Peter Marino, Ellen has designed numerous residences and offices in New York and the Gulf South, and created the architectural design for Harmony House, St. Francisville's first interior decorator showcase house, and several other country retreats, including the Shadetree Inn Bed & Breakfast.

Ellen's holistic approach to creating interiors is featured in House Beautiful – The Home Book: Creating A Beautiful Home of Your Own, in the Chapter “Expert Insight-Creating A Holistic Bedroom” interview with Interior Designer Ellen Kennon.

"Over my thirty-plus year career as an interior designer, I have created the architectural design for several country retreats, designed lots of furniture and even won an Alpha Award in New Orleans for furniture design. Space planning and color are two of my specialties. Knowledge of fine antiques? Not so much. Working within a tight budget, I'm your girl. Overseeing contractors? No way Jose. Spending hours on end shopping are not my idea of fun either. However, I am excellent at planning a one-two day shopping trip ahead of time, so that an entire house can be furnished right then and there. I call those my "serendipitous shopping experiences" and they always include winding down with a nice dinner and some wine. I'm often told I'm psychic when it comes to intuiting my client's wants and needs, whether they've consciously realized them or not. Whether you hire me to work remotely, or feel the need to have me for a visit, I'm always happy to help, because there's nothing I love more than helping others create their own personal sanctuary!"

- Ellen Kennon


Ellen is available for both residential and commercial design projects and works well long distance (or via remote). Design services include client consultations, site assessment and measure, space planning, design scheme, furniture design, shopping trips and online shopping, installation, styling & project management at the rate of $200 per hour, plus travel expenses outside of Louisiana.


"Ellen is sensational! She was phenomenal at taking all our half-developed ideas and synthesizing them into a coherent, beautifully expressed design scheme that fit beautifully with our home's traditional aesthetic. She is a genius with color, and a genius at coming up with clever solutions for maximizing space in practical, attractive ways. Great with accessories and furnishings, too.

- James Fox-Smith

"Working with Ellen is such a joy! She's energetic, focused, fast, and incredibly talented. I just opened a wonderful and unique events venue/healing center called The Guru - and my vision was to create a sacred space that raised the vibration of all who entered. To a person, people say "I love the way this feels, this place has great energy, I feel so calm when I come in here." Ellen worked her magic and revealed my vision and gently kept me on track when I was in danger of going off the rails! Her paints are healing and bring so much balance and have made all the difference in this very unique and wonderful space. She turned a 1920s car mechanics garage into a loving, beautiful, serene, and - yes - sacred space, transforming it, yet retaining its character. Could never say enough to endorse her!!

- Sidney Coffee

"One of St. Francisville's most renowned B&Bs. Adirondack-style rusticity, a lovely setting in the town's historic district, exquisite interior design, and most luxuries imaginable. Very private. Repeatedly described as magical."

-Fodor's Gulf South Travel Guide on Shadetree Inn

"Ellen is a magician with color, texture and space. Walking into one of Ellen's creations becomes a spiritual experience. She captured the spiritual essence of Hemingbough."

-Arlin Deese, Hemingbough Conference & Convention Center, St. Francisville, Louisiana

"Ellen is very intuitive at assessing exactly what it takes to create an environment that helps put the client in touch with his inner self. She's like a 'ghostbuster'. She can clear a room with hundreds of years of negativity, lighting the dark corners so that angels can come in and play."

-Iris Williams, Spiritual Counselor & Intuitive

"She has a tremendous amount of innate design talent. Also, her confidence is remarkable: She doesn't know what she can't do therefore she can do anything."

-Architect Steven Bingler as quoted in The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana


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