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The photos below were sent by architects Bhavna Mistry and Daniel Dreher of their New Orleans home who sent a special "Haiku" thank you:

The gifts of Ellen
Arrive in quarts and gallons
Pop the lid and smile . . . .

To brush, spray or roll?
Choose your tools with clear intent
love guide your hand

Home in New Orleans
'Chateau Blue' and 'Mistry Red'
Shaded by the Oaks

'Pumpkin Spice' greets us
'Chartreuse' and 'Citrine' surround
'Bone' and 'Limone' dance

To see with fresh eyes
The faith of a 'Mustard Seed'
'Parchment' graced gestures

'Fairy Dust' magic:
Earth treasures sparkle and heal
Strengthened and Renewed

Full Spectrum Paints SHINE
Subtlety and vibrancy
Beams of joy delight!



("Pumpkin Spice" & "Citrine" in foreground with "Mustard Seed" in Dreher-Mistry Foyer)


("Chartreuse" walls with "Citrine" ceiling)


("Limone" walls with "Citrine" ceiling)


(Newly renovated New Orleans home went with custom "Chateau Dreher Blue" body, "Dreher Red" & "Limone" trim)


(Exterior of same house where "Citrine" was used in the MBR balcony alcove above & front door below)


("Citrine" in front door alcove with "Limone" trim and custom colors "Dreher Red" door & trim & "Chateau Dreher Blue" body. Base of brick columns & porch painted "Chelsea Grey")


("Peridot" fence helps nestle home into it's landscaping. All paint products Dulux Fortis Lifetime Warranty

("Cafe' au Lait" walls with "Edgewood Green" trim)

("Redwood Rose" walls & ceiling with "Edgewood Green" trim above & below)

("Redwood Rose" walls with "150% Parchment" trim & cabinetry)


Artist, Designer & Color Consultant Barbara Jacobs

Not only is Artist and Color Consultant Barbara Jacobs of Barbara Jacobs Color and Design ( and an outstanding color consultant, but she also designs her own line of custom area rugs (Silk Road Weaves). She had us create a special "Eco Hues Full Spectrum Palette" that all go beautifully with our full spectrum colors! (Photos courtesy of Barbara Jacobs). Barbara is located in Sebastopol, California but also provides "long-distance" color consultation with a focus on special services for exterior building color. 

(Barbara Jacobs' Eco Hues Full Spectrum Paints: "Blue Grotto" in photo above and "Red Clay" and "Atlantis" in photo below.)

Barbara specified "Buttercream" in the 2-story foyer shown above and below & a "Milk Chocolate" accent in the hallway.

("Buttercream" walls on left)

("Milk Chocolate" accent wall)

("Olive" walls in Guest Bath above)

(Basic "Beige" walls never looked better in this Barbara Jacobs' project. The stunning rug is from her Silk Road Weaves Collection)

("Beige" walls take on different variations, depending on the light)

("Beige" walls with "Jaunty Jen" accent wall above)

("Beige" Living Room & "Jaunty Jen" in office beyond. Detail of "Blockworks" rug in LR and "Loopy" rug in office, both Barbara Jacobs designs)

(Barbara specified "Pumice" walls for this foyer, above and "Honeysuckle" for the walls in the entry below)

("Hitching Post" accent wall coordinates well with "Sand" used on the rest of the walls)

("Mykonos Red" accent wall with "Powdered Pebbles" shown on right)

("Pueblo" Dining Room Walls by Interior Designer Jennifer FaGalde of FaGalde Designs, who specializes in residential and light commercial design projects in Northern California. Jennifer, who is also known for more eclectic designs, created "Jaunty Jen" from our Designer Palette!)

"As a Color Consultant, I specify a lot of paint colors. I depend on Full Spectrum Paints by Ellen Kennon to help me customize environments and create unique atmospheres.  Unfortunately, I regularly encounter people trying to “match” her full spectrum colors.

For a recent project, I specified one of her stock colors, Slate, and a custom full spectrum mix she created of Sherwin Williams' (SW) Relic Bronze.  My client’s painter guaranteed them that between the technology available to the paint store staff and his experience, “any color could be matched”.  They were not successful in matching Slate or Ellen’s full spectrum version of Relic Bronze. 

Their version of Slate is more of a turquoise; it is missing that refined, muted edge that makes Slate so sophisticated.  Their version of full spectrum Relic Bronze is totally off and the most problematic.  It does not even match the SW Relic Bronze color chip.  Multiple gallons of attempted color matches, a store manager and a local paint rep later, they were still not able to get a spot-on match to the full spectrum swatches.  Apparently, they thought their final attempts were close enough and it did not matter. Well, it matters. The miss on the color matches is obvious.  To top it off, the product they felt matched the custom Relic best made a streaky mess of the walls.  Because of their lack of understanding of how full spectrum color is mixed, two of the colors painted in my client’s home are not what I nor my client expected. 

A repaint will be scheduled and the full spectrum paint colors I originally specified will be used. Clients are disappointed to say the least. Their painter "guaranteed" that he could match anything and they made the mistake of trusting him when it came to custom, designer color. Even though he is an in-demand, experienced, and quality-oriented crafts man, his lack of advanced color knowledge left my client with two rooms that need to be repainted. After having their whole house in paint-chaos for a week, they are not looking forward to starting over in those rooms.

The initial cost to purchase the full spectrum colors as specified would have been a fraction of the losses in material and labor accumulated in the effort to copy them."

-Lori Sawaya, Color Consultant, Color Strategies


(Above photo "Camelhair" walls on left in with "Gustavian Grey" walls in room beyond and photo below really shows the chameleon-like characteristics of our "Gustavian Grey" which are on all walls. Project colors specified by Color Consultant Lori Sawaya of Color Strategies)

("Camelhair" walls left & right with "Lilac Mist" specified by Color Consultant Lori Sawaya)

("Classic Cream" ceiling and Custom Color walls created for Color Consultant Lori Sawaya)

(Lori Sawaya's photo of "Pumice" Walls)

(Lori's photo of "Driftwood" walls)

(Lori's "Wedgewood" walls & "Aqua" ceiling)

(Custom "Pappas Bronze" ceiling for Lori Sawaya)

(Lori's photo of one of her projects shows "Mushroom's" chameleon-like qualities)


("Adobe" walls above wainscoating)

"We used Buttercream, at your suggestion, in our wine country home - it is truly magical. I am so happy there and I believe it is in no small part due to your wonderful paint."

-Sharon Rosenbaum, San Francisco, California

"Since I painted my office with Ellen's Full Spectrum Paints, every time I go into my office, my associates are all congregated inside. No one wants to leave because it feels so great. I call it "happy paint" because when I walk out into the hallway, the energy drops!"

-Charlotte Bright, Aura-Soma Practitioner, Color & Sound Therapy Wellness Center, St. Louis, Missouri

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