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"These paints are like fine perfumes. They change and flatter each room individually, as perfumes are particular to each woman that wears them. The paints always flatter the space they are applied, they are never the same, but always stunning, and that is the talent and art of Ellen Kennon and her paints! "

-Marc Charbonnet, Interior Designer, NYC

Enjoy the beautiful interior design projects of renowned New York designer Marc Charbonnet, who uses our paints on all of his fabulous projects!

("Classic Cream " foreground with "White Opal" Millwork, photos above & below)

(Detail of above two photos-"White Opal" & "Classic Cream")

("Classic Marc" walls with "Pearl" ceiling and "Snow" millwork)

(Custom "Seafoam" & "White Opal" Millwork above)

("Classic Marc" walls, "White Opal" trim in Dining Room above )

("Classic Marc" walls, "Snow" ceiling & "White Opal" millwork)

("Classic Cream" walls with "White Opal" ceiling & trim)

("Classic Cream" walls with "White Opal" millwork & ceilings)

Thanks to Marc Charbonnet, Full Spectrum Paints was featured as one of the "Discoveries by Designers" in the February 2005 Architectural Digest Magazine!

(Marc's space at the Architectural Digest Showcase House at the Time Warner Center, where Marc said "The room actually glows! All the other designers kept asking me why my room had such a magical glow!"

("Indigo walls with "Pure White" ceiling & trim)

("150% Classic Marc" walls with "White Opal" millwork and "Snow" ceilings)

("Classic Marc" walls with "Snow" millwork. "Gustavian Grey" walls in the hallway beyond.)


("Slate" wall on right of this NYC Apartment above and stripes of "Peridot, "Dusk", "Citrine" & "Pumpkin Spice" below)

("Ruby" Powder Room from our Magical Gems Palette)

Jon Vaccari's New Orleans Showroom

We created a special palette for New Orleans interior designer Jon Vaccari for his fabulous new showroom at 1912 St. Charles Avenue. Jon used "JV Cloud White" on everything (ceilings, walls and millwork) in his showroom as seen in the photos below.

("JV Cloud White" on everything: Ceilings are flat, walls eggshell and millwork is semi-gloss.)

("The great thing about full spectrum paints is the way they look different in each setting. JV Cloud White in both photos above, show how different one color can look!)

("JV Cloud White" on all painted surfaces in the den in the residence above the showroom.)

("JV Deep Taupe" walls)

("JV Violet" walls & ceiling)

Our more vibrant colors from our Magical Gem & Summer Brights Palettes were created especially for renowned artist Hunt Slonem's exhibit at the Ogden Museum in New Orleans:

Hunt Slonem: Artist & Collector


(Above: "Mykonos Blue")


(Above L to R: "Mykonos Blue", "Carnelian" & "Giverny Blue")


(Above: "Amethyst")


(Above: "Amethyst" far left, "Mykonos Blue" right)


(Above: "Carnelian" & "Amethyst")


(Above L to R: "Carnelian", "Giverny Blue", "Amethyst" & "Mykonos Blue")


(Above L to R: "Carnelian", "Giverny Blue", "Del Sol" & "Giverny Blue")


(Above L to R: "Del Sol", "Mykonos Blue", "Monteverde" & "Del Sol")

The above exhibit was featured on CBS Sunday Morning. Here's a You Tube video of the segment:


More saturated colors from Hunt Slonem's new Brooklyn Studio:

("Lakeside Napoleon" walls)

("Hunt's Orchid" walls)

("Juliet's Potion" walls)

("Cornflower Blue" walls)

("Tangerine" walls)

("Sapphire" walls)

("Carnelian" walls)

("Mykonos Blue" walls)


The photos below are of rooms in Hunt Slonem's studio and plantations that were featured in his best-selling book, Pleasure Palaces: the Art and Homes of Hunt Slonem (book excerpt from An Interview with Hunt Slonem - "Q: Your paintings, like your studios, are filled with such vivid colors. How do you incorporate them into your homes? A: I have been trying to work with historically correct colors for the houses, and I've been doing a lot of research on that. I have a wonderful person, Ellen Kennon, who makes full spectrum of paints in St. Francisville, Louisiana, and she's been helping me with accurate Louisiana colors. Interestingly, Lakeside Plantation is painted pink. A number of great old houses were painted in colors. I'm trying to spruce up the third floor of Lakeside with Ellen.")

("Pueblo" walls in 3rd floor room at Lakeside Plantation)

("Shrimp" walls, photos above & below at Lakeside Plantation)


("Tuscan Sun" walls on 3rd floor at Lakeside Plantation)

("Hot Pink!" on walls and ceiling in this parlor at Lakeside Plantation)

("Mykonos Blue" in the above sitting room at Lakeside Plantation)

Cornflower Blue

("Cornflower Blue" walls cool off this third floor bedroom at Lakeside Plantation)

Hunt's Barry's Babylon

("Barry's Babylon" walls in a Lakeside Plantation parlor)

Coral Parlor

("Coral" walls in the dining room of Lakeside Plantation)


("Berry Red" walls create the ultimate "red room" at Lakeside Plantation)

Mykonos Blue entry

("Giverny Blue" walls at the entry of Slonem's NYC Studio)

("Coral" Walls in Slonem's NYC studio)

("Del Sol" Walls in Slonem's NYC Studio)

("Giverny Green" walls at Slonem's NYC Studio)

(Custom color "Albania Teal" walls at Slonem's Studio)

(The photos above and below taken at artist Hunt Slonem's NYC Studio were featured in the May 2010 Vogue Magazine "Albania Teal" above with "Coral" below)

(Custom Color "Albania Mango" on the walls of Albania Plantation Parlor above & below is "Del Sol" in Slonem's former NYC studio)

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