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We often receive wonderful emails with feedback and photos from our paint customers. Please find below some of these we'd like to share!


"Ellen Kennon offers a particularly breathtaking range of hues."

-Patricia Kay Lebow in her book, ColorFlow: Discover Your Perfect Colors, Experience Life's Easy Flow

"I highly recommend this book to help you find the perfect colors to create your own personal retreat!"

-Ellen Kennon

"So love my office now. Paint is everything & yours is the best!"

-Amy Churgin, Sr. V.P. Conde' Nast (former Architectural Digest V.P. & Publisher)

These vibrant, saturated colors used in the LSU Museum's "Hunt Slonem: Antebellum Pop!" exhibit where I was design & color consultant:

("Antebellum Violet" walls above & below created especially for the exhibit.)


("Watermelon Red" walls above & below)

("Lakeside Napoleon" walls above & below)

("Juliet's Potion" walls above & below)

More of our Brights and Magical Gems in Hunt Slonem's new 30,000 square foot Brooklyn Studio

Lakeside Napoleon

("Lakeside Napoleon" in this 100+ foot long hallway)

Mykonos Blue

("Mykonos Blue")

Hunt's Orchid

("Hunt's Orchid")




("Sapphire" walls)

Juliet's Potion

("Juliet's Potion")



Cornflower Blue

("Cornflower Blue")

("Clay" wall in the Old Goat Restaurant in Grand Rapids)

("Mustard Seed" walls in the Old Goat Restaurant, Grand Rapids)

The colors in this section are from one of my interior design projects. It involved specifying not only colors and paint, but all fixtures, appliances, finishes and furnishings. EVERYthing is new except artwork and accessories.

("JV Cloud White" walls, "Gustavian Grey" ceiling & "Barry's White" millwork above & below)

("Gustavian Grey walls & ceilings with "Barry's White" trim in both Master Bedroom and Bathroom above & below)

("Sacre Bleu" walls & ceiling with "Barry's White" trim)

("Plauche Green" siding & bench with "Plauche Trim" around JeldWen "Bone White" Aluminum Clad Window)


(Our paints are often called "happy paint" and here's a great example. This photo was sent by a mother who snapped it upon showing her daughter her new "Azure" bedroom!)

("Mushroom" walls & Kitchen ceiling with "Wedgewood" cabinets. Photo by Ellis Lucia, Knapp + Lucia Photography)

("Ashen Green" Cabinetry (above & below). Photo by Ellis Lucia of Knapp + Lucia Photography)

("Pueblo" walls. Photo by Ellis Lucia, Knapp + Lucia Photography)

("Sandy Lagoon" Walls with "Snow" beadboard. Photo by Ellis Lucia, Knapp + Lucia Photography)

("H2 Ahh!" walls in photos above & below, was created especially for color maven Kate Smith of It is the full-spectrum version of the popular Restoration Hardware "Silver Sage")

Here’s what Kate had to say about her experiences with having both the original Restoration Hardware color and our full spectrum version that she renamed “H2 Ahh!”:

“I just repainted my office using H2 Ahh!, my signature color from Ellen’s Designer’s Palette. I had originally painted my bedroom this color with “not full spectrum” blended paint from another company.  When Ellen invited me to be one of the designers in her line I knew I wanted my signature blue/green/gray and she formulated it as a full spectrum blend.

With just a quick glance you might think that the two rooms are painted the same color but I can tell you that after spending lots of time in both rooms that I am amazed at how much more life a paint blended from full spectrum pigments has.  The walls seem to come alive and the biggest difference is that the full spectrum paint stays beautiful even in dimmer lighting conditions.

Living with the same color–one full spectrum, one not–in two rooms in my own home has sold me on the value of full spectrum paints.”

("Chartreuse" on walls and all millwork. "75% Peacock Blue" inside bookshelves in photo above and below)

("JV Cloud White" walls with "White Opal" ceiling and trim)

From another Interior Design project. An addition of connecting hallway, master bedroom, his & her dressing & bathrooms:


("Cafe' au Lait" walls with "Edgewood Green" trim in connecting hallway above)

Custom Made Bed

("Redwood Rose" walls and ceiling with "Edgewood Green" trim)

Dressing Room

("Redwood Rose" walls and ceiling with "200% Parchment millwork)

(His Dressing & Bath area "Sage" walls and ceilings with "Edgewood Green" millwork)


Jaunty Jen

("Jaunty Jen" wall in The Guru, Baton Rouge, above & below)

The Guru, Baton Rouge

(As you can see on the walls in the bedroom above, "H2 Ahh!" is very chameleon-like!)

("Lilac Mist" walls)


Free color consultations via email and phone are included with the purchase of our paints. Here are some more photos sent from our wonderful paint customers!

("Sage" walls)

("Peridot" Walls and Millwork bring the outdoors in on this Sun Porch, shown above and below)

("Wheat" Walls, "Camelhair" Millwork & "Silvery Blue White" Ceiling. Upholstery is from our EK Signature Furnishings)

(Using "Silt" for both walls & ceiling when there is no crown molding is a trick we use often because it visually raises the ceiling height.)

("Moutarde" walls with "Old Brick" inside bookcases)

("Mocha" walls)

("Ruby" walls)

("Amber" walls)

("Old Brick" walls with "Citrine" ceiling)

("Citrine" walls)

("Pumpkin Spice" walls)

("Mushroom" walls and ceiling with "Sage" trim)

("Barry's Babylon" walls)

("Bronze" walls in foreground & "Pueblo" walls in room beyond, both with "Ashen Green" trim. Custom ceiling "Magnolia Cafe' Black")

("Pueblo" walls)

("Chartreuse" Walls & Ceiling with "Tiffany Taupe" cabinets with insides painted in "Peridot")

("Citrine" Walls with "Edgewood Green" Millwork and Ceiling in the Pitot House Plantation Museum)

("Wedgewood Walls" with "Edgewood Green" Millwork in this bedroom in the Pitot House Plantation Museum)

("Caribe" Walls in foreground with "Honeysuckle" Walls in foyer beyond)

("Camelhair" Walls)


("Lichen" walls with "Putty" door & door trim were created initially for the Sullivan Dental Center who wanted "soothing & clean, yet natural and earthy" colors)

("Terracotta Sand" walls & sides of stairs & "Edgewood Green" door & trim shown in Great Room of Harmony House, St. Francisville's first decorator showhouse. Architectural design by Ellen Kennon.)


("Cornflower Blue" used as an exterior paint cools off this Louisiana bridge featured in "Harmony House: The Schoolmarm, The Mountain Man and the Bridge Between Them". Architectural design of Harmony House by Ellen Kennon. )


("Mushroom" walls, "White Opal" trim with "Citrine" walls in room beyond)


("Aqua" walls)


("Edgewood Green", although a color, is the perfect neutral. See how it coordinates with many colors in the photos that follow):


("Edgewood Green" with "Slate" in the room beyond)

berry red

("Berry Red" on left with "Edgewood Green" & "Chartreuse" beyond )


("Greige" in foreground with "Edgewood Green"& "Peridot" in rooms beyond)


("Edgewood Green" with "Seaglass" in bedroom beyond)

shell pink

("Edgewood Green" with "Shell Pink" in Bedroom beyond)

pitot citrine

("Citrine" walls with "Edgewood Green" millwork, shown in Pitot House Museum Bedroom featured in the book Creole Houses)


("Ruby" walls with "Edgewood Green" ceiling & millwork - Pitot House Museum featured in the book, Creole Houses)


("Mushroom" walls)

rainbow fog rainbow fog

("Rainbow Fog" walls in both photos above)

lavendar mist

("Lavender Mist" on walls above)


("Lilac" walls above)


("Violet" Walls)


(Walls and ceiling in "Gustavian Grey" create the Zen-like atmosphere in this bedroom perched high up in the treetops. "Edgewood Green" trim coordinates with carpet & helps ground the space.)

"I'm not sure if you are working today or not, but I have to tell you that I LOVE the Gustavian Grey on my bathroom walls! I just finished the second coat and it is absolutely beautiful!  When I first applied the paint, it looked like the Aqua sample I had ordered.  But as it dried, it mellowed into a deep blue/grey. 
Thank you so much for your help in choosing my color!  Working with you has sure given me an appreciation for color expertise and the keen eye it takes to understand color relationships."

-Colleen Langdon


("Mocha" walls)

"I really can't begin to explain how the room radiates 'energy' --even in low light, no light situations. The cats and I just sit in it and 'zone out' (in a good way!)-- relaxing, soothing, comforting."

- Denise in Ohio

"We LOVE the colors you helped us choose. The Camelhair absolutely fascinates me. The Lavender Mist is so incredibly and beautifully subtle in my daughter's room. My son's Ashen Green bedroom is exactly what he wanted. The Mushroom in our bedroom is so tranquil, but not boring or blah. We'll be using the Ruby on our dining room walls soon and the living room is going to look as fabulous as the entryway and stairwells as soon as we get the Camelhair on the walls."

-T. Fender, Texas

"I can't even begin to tell you how amazing the transformation of my living room is. These are the most incredible colors I've ever seen in my life. Even the trim color is absolutely sparkling! My painters (who paint at The White House, so they've seen the very best) absolutely love the colors. I am awestruck. My friends who've stopped by can't believe they're in the same house and say they've never seen colors like these. You are truly a magician! You have created something special beyond words, and I am so fortunate to be able to share in your artistry!"

-Barbara Drake, Arlington, Virginia

(Barbara's "Magnolia" walls left, "Citrine" walls right)

(Barbara's "Magnolia" cabinets with "Old Brick", "Bronze" & "Magnolia" used to accent the window & bring the outdoors in)

" I thought you would find my window treatment rather interesting. It actually looks a bit like I matted and framed the window. The treatment and the colors add a bit of whimsy to my kitchen, which is quite fun. I am attaching a couple photos of the Magnolia cupboards, which I really do love.
My kitchen feels like it has had a $30,000 remodel, and all I did was let a few gallons of your paint work their magic!"

-Barbara Drake, Arlington, Virginia

"We used Buttercream, at your suggestion, in our wine country home - it is truly magical. I am so happy there and I believe it is in no small part due to your wonderful paint."

-Sharon Rosenbaum, San Francisco, California

"Since I painted my office with Ellen's Full Spectrum Paints, every time I go into my office, my associates are all congregated inside. No one wants to leave because it feels so great. I call it "happy paint" because when I walk out into the hallway, the energy drops!"

-Charlotte Bright, Aura-Soma Practitioner, Color & Sound Therapy Wellness Center, St. Louis, Missouri

("Seafoam" walls)

("Mustard Seed" walls)

("Mustard Seed" walls with Oak Trim)

("Mustard Seed" walls)

("Moutarde" walls with "Alexandra Blue " ceiling)

("Citrine" walls)

(This client transformed her basement into a wonderful playroom, painting walls "Monet Soleil" and an accent wall "Watermelon Red")

("Ashen Green" walls above & below)

("Ashen Green" walls above wainscoating)

("Berry Red" walls with "White Opal" trim)

("Berry Red" walls in kitchen above)

"We purchased Ellen Kennon's Full Spectrum Paints to cover most of the walls of our new home (a few walls will receive a faux finish). Ellen came through for us in a big way. She dropped everything (on a Saturday morning), patiently helped us decide on three of her colors, and got the formulas to a local paint supply for us to pick up within an hour. In contrast to our disenchantment at the thought of settling for the best possible Benjamin Moore colors, we are truly thrilled to dress our walls with Ellen's. She has far fewer colors to choose from, but it was a breeze to find the right (actually PERFECT) ones. It is so difficult to describe nuances of color. Now that we see large patches of painted surfaces beside each other on site, I can say this; the Full Spectrum Paint has remarkably more depth and richness (compared with the closest Benjamin Moore color match), and is much more responsive to nearby colors and light. I just can't think of better words to describe it. In direct contrast, the Benjamin Moore paint appears flat, one dimensional, and static. It's not just me. The effect has won over my sceptical husband, our painters, our builder and even our architect. Ellen was great to work with; a savvy color consultant very generous with her time. I didn't expect to be this excited about house paint."

-Patrice Vogel, Vashon Island, Washington

(Above: "Pumpkin Spice" walls with "White Opal" millwork)

("Chestnut" walls )

("Olive" walls in foreground with "Sage" trim & "Gustavian Grey" ceilings. "Chestnut" in rear bathroom.)

("Chestnut" walls)


("Dusk" in alcove on walls & ceilings, "Cognac" walls on sides)


("Cognac" walls & ceiling)

("Cognac" walls)

("Parchment" Walls)


"I had previously painted my kitchen in Benjamin Moore's Creme Yellow (above chair rail) and Soft Fern (below chair rail). I wanted to weigh in on the fuss about full spectrum paints, so I picked the most similar Ellen Kennon colors to repaint, choosing Buttercream and Lichen in velvet sheen finish, which is a matte washable. I also selected White Opal in semigloss for trim. Here is my rambling, unscientific opinion:

I realize why people say the color seems alive. There is a depth to the colors that makes BM paints seem like a coating, while EK paints "become" part of the wall. You know how faux leather never looks quite like real leather? Or how true Asian lacquer (I have only seen it in museums, mind you) is miles apart from modern lacquer? In the same way, EK paints seem to have a 3D quality. I have heard some people call it a "glow". I see it as a 3D softness, the way you can tell a sweater is precious cashmere without ever touching. The color does indeed shift with the angle and the lighting. Lichen looks bluer, greener, grayer, depending on the time of day and where I am standing. In one moment, Buttercream looks pale yellow, then beige, then almost gold where a streak of morning sunlight is shining. I find this delightful. BM paints do this to an extent (as all paints) but EK paints change more dramatically. For this reason, it is my strong recommendation that anyone selecting EK paints BUY the paint pots and do the posterboard test. The color changes will be amazing, and you want to make sure you like all of them! That everyone's environment is different has never been so true as with EK paints. I compare it to the way the same perfume can smell completely different on two people.

When the ICI sales clerk saw me, he told me he had to call the main office, as he had never heard of all these pigments and could not believe it was legit, and was told that the office gets a call at least once a week wondering about it. He said 'do you realize with all these pigments that the color will change with the light?' As for the W hite Opal, he said that he could not even compare it to anything they had in the store, that he had never seen a white like it. I felt so. . . sophisticated. Speaking of sophistication, I feel that EK paints took my previous color selections and cleaned 'em up Pretty Woman style (80's movie reference). The BM Creme Yellow that I had thought was so soft and pretty, now looks banana yellow. And hard. Weird, I know, but so true. I guess a true test would be to have Ellen take Creme Yellow and Soft Fern and make them full spectrum, and compare apples to apples. . . but like I said, this is my unscientific opinion and I am just another ecstatic EK customer. As a parting thought, you know how realtors are always chanting 'Paint White for Resale?' I had always rolled my eyes at the idea. . . I guess because I got sick of all the white and beige houses that I looked at during my house shopping stint. But I think with full spectrum paints, that painting everything with the offwhites would look splendid, as EK colors lack flatness. There is a warmth and richness to her paints that makes an ordinary wall suddenly more special. A halo sensation that feels like home. A gallon of her paint costs less than a steak dinner for two, and the effect is lasting."

-Posted by "Tradewind 64" Nov. 17, 2004 on GardenWeb's Home Decorating Forum

There are currently several threads that discuss our Full Spectrum Paints on's Message Boards and in the Home Decorating Forum of The Garden Web's "That Home Site" (search "ellen kennon" & "ek paints"). Both of these sites are great places to exchange ideas and share tips with other savvy homemakers, all who are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable!

Also, Chasing Matisse, by James Morgan is finally out! It's getting rave reviews and is a wonderful escape following Jim & Beth's travels through France visiting the places where Matisse lived and painted. Who does the author quote on color therapy? Ellen Kennon!


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